FileREX Update Checker V2.0

FileREX Update Checker makes it easy and fast for you to scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to see if there are any newer releases.

How do you get the latest versions of your favorite software without checking different sites every day to see if your software's outdated? FileREX makes it easy with our free update checker.

It scans your Windows registry and lets you know which software needs some upgrading, and provides useful information like the size of the download, the current and latest version, and of course a link to download the latest version of the software itself. Simple, and incredibly effective.

Filerex Update Checker main features:

  • Automatically search for installed softwares.
  • Automatically display download links to newest software versions.
  • Check for updates periodically.
  • It lets you stay up to date and secure with the software installations on your PC
  • It's safer. Download directly from manufacturer website.
  • Run in the background
  • Display new promotions.
  • A simple and useful skin.
  • It's free. No registration required

Why use FileREX Update Checker?

  • Many of the hacker attaks and security threats today exploit software vulnerabilities and code flaws. FileREX Update Checker is a free security tool designed to help you secure your computer against vulnerabilities in programs.
  • Updating frequently prevents computer problems such as crashes, bugs and slow computer.
Privacy Policy

FileREX Update Checker will not colect any personal information. The only information collected is a list of programes and their versions to help with processing.

PAD: filerexupdatechecker.xml
Download: filerexupdatechecker.rar
Please report desirable features or bugs at : office[at]

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